A Good Sunrise Photo is All you Need to Start the Day on a Positive Note

William Blake begins his famous poem ‘The Tyger’ with some strong lines:

“Tyger! Tyger! Burning bright In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye Could frame thy fearful symmetry?”

As the tiger is the symbol of experience and brightness in Blake’s poem, so is the sun for the world. The immortal hands that have shaped the tyger also shaped the sun. He is the one who has given the sun its brightness to spread evenly in the world and upon all creatures. The sun symbolises hope, of everything good and of a new beginning. It is rightfully said therefore that every day is a new day and all sunrises are different and viewing them everyday is an experience unmatched by any.

It is true that getting to watch such sunrises everyday is a blessing. But there are moments when you would like the sunrise of a particular day that is very close to your heart and wished that you had the camera to capture it eternally. But not anymore: as there a few good souls around who have taken it in their stride to do the job for you. It is their passion for photography that they have just turned into their profession. Nothing comes free in this world and a sunrise photo is not an exception. However, sunrise photos can be owned by you in return of a very small investment like $20.

Now that is a very small price for a beautiful sunrise photo and secondly for all the pain that the photographer takes in capturing the moment. It is really great and innovative idea that is well executed. There are a few professional and passionate photographers who believe that God sends his message in the world with every new sunrise and hence every morning stands for a new beginning, and a new hope. If not daily sunrise photos but getting hold of a sunrise photo of a very important day in your life for eternity, can be priceless.

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It makes for an unusual gift as well – as no one would expect it. At first glance it might seem ordinary, but the true value of the gift lies in the fact that it is the sunrise photo of that very special day in your life. It is the sunrise that just won’t be same the very next day. There is a different feel, different color and joy to that dawn. It might be a birthday, an anniversary or a simple day spent with your beloved or family and the breaking dawn and first rays of the sun is a celebration of your moment of happiness.

To hold on to that sunrise photo is just something great and that is what some photographers are doing. They are helping you hold it back. They capture the sunrise photo and it reaches you through a simple download facility for a nominal charge. Once downloaded, you can print it out, display it as your desktop wallpaper or frame it and present it to the person with whom you want to share this beauty of nature.