Glamour Photography And More

Glamour Photography, Intimate Glamour Photography, Celebrity Photography, Fashion and/or Commercial Photography, Model Photography and even Female Photography in general are all terms with somewhat distinct meanings but which point at the incredible interest in and consumption of the Female Body in Photography. If you add the words exotic and erotic to the mix, it gets even more interesting and confusing. Then there are art photos, Artistic Female Photos, Glamour Models, Pin-up Models and of course, Playboy Models.

While in the grand scheme of things it may seem relatively insignificant, I am going to try to point out specific differences in photography relating to the correct use of words such as ‘exotic,’ ‘glamour,’ ‘erotic’ and ‘sensual.’ The word erotic, for instance, has come into widespread misuse, partially because of the overuse it has been given on the Internet by adult sites. While many of these adult sites may indeed contain erotic photography they do not make a distinction when erotic photography turns into more graphic or nude photography. Naturally, many people believe what they see rather than challenging the definition of the word. So when they repeatedly see the word erotic attached to graphic sexual content they associate the two things in their mind. Erotic Photography would actually be more correctly describes as “Sensual,” which simply has not suffered the same change in meaning. In actuality Webster defines erotic as: of, devoted to, or tending to arouse sexual love or desire. So while many nude photos might be “erotic,” certainly there are erotic photos containing no nudity whatsoever. They are simply suggestive or sensual.

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Similarly, an exotic photo has more to do with a sense of distance, the unusual, things like race, color and location. A photo might more logically be called exotic due to the type of clothing worn rather than the lack of clothes. While Glamour Photography may have been made much more popular by Playboy Magazine and the other “men’s” magazines, Glamour photography likewise does not require nudity or even suggestive content to be “Glamorous.” In fact, there are many who would argue directly to the contrary. Great Glamour Photography requires a heightened style, a sense of glamour, and a sense of the world as a venue for glamour. For instance, At a certain point in a Glamour photographer’s career, it is no longer about the exact lighting necessary to get the very best shot, nor is it about camera settings, the perfect backdrop or even the description you give the model of the image or mood she is trying to portray. It is at that point much more about expression, allowing the model to relax and reach inside herself for the exact expression for the image to be conveyed.

This, of course, does not describe the average photographer but the Famous Glamour Photographer or the Famous Fashion Photographer. This is the person who can become the Celebrity Photographer. This is the one who will shoot the most Beautiful Models in Photography. When you consider it, the reason this type of glamour photographer will get to shoot the most Beautiful Models in Photography is that to a large degree the most Beautiful Models in Photography will be determined by the the photographer who shoots them.

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