How to Sell Houses

What Realtors want more than anything are referrals! However, the best referrals are those that come from previous clients that have worked with you and had a positive working relationship with you. A referral from an acquaintance at work is nice and a courtesy but is it effective? Often these kinds of referrals can end up being a waste of time because they do not know what they want and who to go to.
What you want are referrals from solid leads.
How do you get these referrals?
The answer is simple, give your clients a house portrait as a closing gift. Why? Because unlike any other gift the house portrait hangs on your client’s wall permanently. This is very important to remember because this work of art is not just hanging in anyone’s home it is hanging in the home of a client that has bought their home from you! Remember house portraits are personal and thoughtful which are great ways to be remembered.
The two most popular types of House Portraits are watercolors and Pen & Ink. You can find works done in oil or pastels but the nature of the work does not lend itself to these medium. In the watercolor renderings the use of ink is very popular because it allows the artist to bring detail to the work of art without sacrificing the loose flowing nature of watercolors which is a desired.
The most important thing that you have to keep in mind is the long-term memory that your client has of you for it is in this good light that you will be referred to.

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