Island Pays Tribute to Caricaturist

An island has paid tribute to a man who was responsible for creating many caricatures during the course of his career, including personalised caricatures.

Greg Flores, who died last month, was described by many on Guam as an icon, leader and an inspiration, the Pacific Daily News reports.

The artist, who was in his early 50s, used to spend many hours sketching pictures while at various community events. According to his contemporary Ron Castro, it is this that he will miss the most.

He commented: “At just this last Micronesia fair, we were set up and teasing each other … and that’s how it always was with him. He was always looking forward to the next project … he was always out there to help out.

“Whenever they had non-profit fundraisers we would partner up to do caricatures and that’s what I’m going to miss.”

Mr Castro added: “There’s going to be that empty seat now at those events where he would have sat teasing someone about charging double.”

The death of Mr Flores came as a surprise to those on Guam, which is located in the western Pacific Ocean.

Fil Alcon, a local artist and owner of Guam Gallery of Arts in Hagatna, noted that she was working with him for a special event that was due to take place the next day.

Paying her respects to the creative talent, she remarked: “He was a great artist, a leader in the artist community on Guam.”

Mr Flores was renowned for his work as a political satirist, as well as for his personalised caricatures.

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Ms Alcon pointed out that his pieces stood out because he was not afraid to show who he was and to express his culture in his art work. She went on to state that she thinks Guam “truly lost someone great”.