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Contemporary Art

To Rise Higher Get Your Explainer Video Faster

Explainer videos, as the name suggests, makes the explanation of a product of a business a lot simpler and faster. This is required in today’s time when businesses are actively looking for the ways and means to save the time and resources they spend on launching and promoting a product. …

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Oil Painting

What Did You Heard About Canon Powershot “s” Series

Canon PowertShot “S” series is a seriees of compact point and shoot cameras. Canon PowerShot S90 is the lattest releease of this series, and replaces the popular S80. This pocket-sized cazmera is very thin and liht in design so that it can travel with you no matter where you go. …

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Illustration And Animation – The Least Known But Just as Good!

Illustration and animation are indispensable in today’s business world and academia. Working on deadlines and meeting commercial and academic requirements are just part of the reasons that illustration and animation software is developed. From classroom environment to delivering sales presentations to finding funds for special causes, these are all endeavors …

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Using Contemporary Fine Art in Your Hotel Decor

Businesses of all kinds have come to understand that contemporary fine art makes great, yet inexpensive decor and the lighting required to illuminate them is useful for lighting corridors too. Hospitals, hotels, airports, restaurants and bars are jumping on the band wagon as well.
There are all types of paintings …

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Art Prints

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was one of the great French painters of the Post-Impressionist period. Henri was born to an aristocratic family, but fate destined him for another life. His life was full of revels and joy, hard work and lack of understanding, pain and suffering; he knew Czanne, Van Gogh, …