Photography Techniques on How to Capture Great Shots

In capturing images, it is good to know when to blur the background and when to just leave it as simple as it is. The primary way of the picture is to enhance the subject, thus the interest of the looker should be on the subject alone and not on what is on its background or foreground. For this reason, the best mode used nowadays is the aperture priority mode which gives the photographer the freedom on how bury the background may be.

To deal with backgrounds that are plain and simple, smaller aperture may be used for it gives a clear detail of the subject as well as the background. However, if the picture will be taken in busy places where there are lots of objects moving around the subject, large aperture should be used. Large aperture allows the photographer to blur the background as well as the people moving and enables the viewer’s attention to be on the subject. The only problem in using this kind of mode is the fact that it is hard to lock the focus on the object because of the smaller depth of field and if it is moving, focus plane couldn’t also be used.

For great results of your pictures, focus the eyes of your subject. The eyes will tell the entire story of the image. Your portrait will be ruined if you fail to focus on the subject’s eyes ad happen to focus on other details. If you want to get best shots of moving subject, use moving auto focus or large area to capture a sharp picture of the object’s eyes. But, if the subject is stationery, you can simply use spot focus to focus on subject and clear shot of the subject’s eyes and not on the objects around it.

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If you wanted to add drama and come up with artistic pictures, then you can play with the exposure. Maximize the use of exposure lock. This feature is commonly available in most DSLR cameras. This will let you capture the perfect skin tone in reference to the background. Controlling the exposure helps you avoid the common mistake of capturing photos with the subjects’ faces are dark because of the back lit background.

Now you already have the idea as to why photographer keep different lenses and uses different setting on their camera in taking the same shot. At the present, it is recommended to have lenses that have faster shutter speed and better options to let you to take sharp pictures in busy background. Detailed and sharp portraits are the most common type of pictures in the present time compared to oft pictures.

With the techniques mentioned above, you can now try and capture better pictures. So what are you waiting for? Grab your camera, go out and use the techniques you just learned to see the difference.