Photos Onto Canvas A Perfect Gift Idea

The world of internet has grown rapidly over the last few years. With the passage of time and rise in awareness amongst the internet users, people have come to realize that they can buy anything over the internet. Whether you want to buy a car or daily use products you can easily place the order with your desired retailer anytime of the day or night. There are many things that people like to buy over the internet but nothing can match the demand of getting photos onto canvas.

Nowadays people prefer to give personalized gifts to others rather then giving something out of the blue or rushing to the mall at the last minute and choosing a photograph at random. What people do not realize is that they can give a much better gift then a random photograph. The world of internet and IT has changed a lot and during this process of change it has provided us with lots of facilities one such example is digital photography. With so many digital cameras easily available in market now anyone can take photographs anywhere they want. With this ease of taking photographing getting the photos onto canvas is even easier.

Photos onto canvas are considered to be the ideal gift for any occasion. Now you can print any photo of your choice on canvas and give it as a gift to someone or hang it in your home, office or anywhere else you like. But the first thing to find out is a place where you can order your photos onto canvas. You have two options to choose from, you can go to a nearby market and place your order with a canvas printing press or you can order it online on a website that offers its services for canvas prints.

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However before ordering your photos on canvas online you need to consider certain things. First of all conduct a little research about different websites and the prices they offer for canvas prints. You will see a major difference in the prices between various websites some will charge you more while the other will charge you less. This difference in price is due to the type of canvas prints and these types are listed below

1. Art Print Canvas

2. Photo Printing Giclee

3. Print with Superchrome

4. Abstract Canvas Print

5. Print Canvas

When ordering your photos on canvas it is very important to understand these various types of canvas photos because the right choice can really make a difference. Mostly you will get your canvas pictures which are made in solvent based inks and are PVC coated. But you must also keep in mind that this type of canvas picture is although cheap but not very long lasting. First of all it will have a plastic feel as well as look. Secondly it will start cracking from the corners soon. Some printers might try to deceive you by selling their products by calling them ?Giclee Prints? but this is not the case here.

You can choose the alternative most commonly known by the name ?wooden canvas? in which your photo on canvas will be printed using water based ink which is also heat incurred. This type of canvas is also used in production of prints on products such as hand bags, shoes, and other textile products and preferred due to their eco friendly nature. The main reason it is used in textile printing is that it is not very hard and does not give an artificial look or feel to the buyer and you get a much higher quality.

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When choosing a canvas printing service online to get your photo on canvas printed another major thing you will need to know about the canvas printer is the type of inkjet printer they will be using to print your photograph on canvas. You can not know whether they are using good quality printer by looking at the photographs they have put on their website because no one will put bad photographs on their website. For this you will have to look out for the review of various customers of the website. Also you can try to look for satisfaction guarantee offered by the website. This way you can be fairly sure that you will get what you are paying for.

The last decision you will need to make regarding the photos on canvas is the frames. There are various options available when it comes to selection of frames. If these photos on canvas printing services are using 1.5 to 2 inch frame then you can be sure of good quality prints but on the other hand if it is a ? inch frame then it means low quality frames. This type of frame is usually made from cheap knotty pine or MDF.

Choosing a good photo on canvas printing service is very important to ensure that you can save your precious memories for a long time.