Properly Framing Different Values of Art

Do you collect fine art and are confused about how to have it framed? Are some of your pictures, posters, and you still want to frame them nicely? Do you think of old documents as art and are being careful to archive them? How you frame your wall art can depend on how expensive the piece is. However, some things are priceless to their owner, though not appreciated by others. There is a limit as to how much you may want to spend to properly frame.
So you picked up a great poster on your vacation and would like to preserve it to commemorate your trip. Great idea, now to decide how to frame it. Though posters can eventually increase in value, chances are you will get tired of it long before that happens. The most practical way to frame it is inexpensively. Not to suggest that plastic is the only product to use. It is probably not worth triple matting with filler plus heavy framing. Think light and less expensive, depending on where it will hang, you may even consider a pre-made frame.
Old documents are a little different story. These can be extremely decorative and interesting in your home. The document of your great grandparents marriage will probably not be sought out by collectors and therefore you might want to frame it knowing that. The important thing about this sort of piece is that it definitely needs to be archival framed. This simply means that it must have archival safe materials touching the document. That will prevent the material of the document from breaking down. Consider UV glass as well. Archival framed art will be protected from dust getting on it as well. It isn’t necessary to add several mats, unless you simply like that look. This sort of art should never hang where light can fade it.
When you have fine pieces of art every care must be taken to see that it will preserve its value. Fine art can be framed expensively to enhance the picture. Always keep in mind that anything can be overdone. It isn’t necessary to frame these pieces using more money, but it still needs to be well done. Framing should compliment the picture, not the other way around.
Regardless of the monetary value of your choice of art, frame it appropriately. Keep more expensive and irreplaceable art out of the humidity of the bathrooms and out of the direct sunlight. Don’t get concerned about the colors in the picture going with your furniture. Fine art never matches your sofa.

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