Some Methods to Capture Moving Objects When Taking Photos

We can see fast-moving objects because our eyes can move with the movement of the object, but the camera can only capture a moment of picture. If we haven’t adjusted the camera data or mastered the skills, the photos you shooting out will certainly be a mess. Then how to capture a fast-moving objects clearly? This article may help a lot.

Methods & steps

1. Shutter speed

Use a faster shutter speed to freeze the action in your shot. The faster the shutter’s speed, the shorter the time needed to open shutter. Then photographer can earn more time to capture fast-moving objects. However, the faster the speed of moving objects, the faster speed the shutter needed. But there is a drawback, it may make the picture slow down while using a high-speed shutter. So you can use the flash if it is enough to light the object.

2. Simulate a high-speed status

Shooting a clear moving object, and make background blurry at the same time. Professional photographers often use a skill is to simulate a high-speed state: Turn on the camera auto-focus, finger on the shutter button, move the camera to keep the moving object is in the viewfinder box, and shooting the photo they want under ready.

3. Making the foreground blurry

Using a tripod to set up the camera, then make the focus falls on the background and using low-speed shutter while shooting. This method can make the moving objects in the foreground dynamic blurred. Try to use different shutter speed to take photos and capture the essential part you want to shoot. But the premise is that no matter how vague the prospects, people should be able to understand what it is.

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4. Extend the focal length

Extending the focal length can prevent pictures become vague. You may often find some super close shot are very vague, this is because the camera’s sensor cannot react quickly to freeze the screen. But if you try to take a step back and a little far from the moving objects, and then use the zoom function of the lens, the camera will have enough time to focus and freeze the moving on the screen.

5. Judging the moving direction of the object

You need to adjust the different shutter speed of the camera if the moving object is coming towards you or departed to the distance from your direction. If the object does not move within the frame parallel, the camera sensor will only have a small portion of the pixel, so the sensor response time will be shorter. Instead, if the object is moved in parallel, the sensor will have more time to react.

6. Narrowing the aperture

Reduce the depth of field to make the shape of captured fast-moving object more apparent. Narrowing the aperture will reduce the distance between the foreground objects and distant background. So, you will have more chance to clearly shoot the moving objects. Select aperture priority mode, increasing the aperture number so narrowing the aperture.

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