The Machine is Processing The Surface of The Water Are Cleaner

The third step, the machine is processing the surface of the water are cleaner, we and how much according to the different liquid components to the next dv8000 battery If you spill liquid on the notebook is the amount of water and small, that we are going as long as the laptop cool, well ventilated place quiet for 24 hours, until a small amount of flow of water completely evaporated inside the boot to the test. If more liquid, wait 24 hours after the boot process.

The 24 hours is a necessary step, Xiao Bian do not recommend that you deal directly to the laptop apart, disassemble process may lead to the further spread of the liquid into the interior. If you spill liquid on the notebook is soy milk,acer as07a51 battery coffee or something, we skip the 24 hours immediately proceed to the fourth step, open the machine to save the liquid dry, these things will be done even if the laptop security threat. Also Xiaobian remind you, if your laptop have a warranty, we operate to this step so far, other things to the customer to deal with. Also, do not start until the customer to make customer service to their hands, so that once the smoke, sparks great success and so can rely on customer service a new machine. To the customer service is absolutely not to mention the water thing, that should be charged. I can say “not with the use of the light,” and let them resolve it by themselves,dell d830 battery so they found that the maintenance fee after the internal water to make choices.

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