The Making of Horror Comics

Horror comics have turned into an important genre among other existing categories of comic books over the world. Almost becoming a fast trend among the teens, scary comic books surfaced during the middle of 1950s. However, the black and white illustrations is relatively new, as the old model of horror books resurfaced with a more artistic appearance to cast a fresh appeal on its readers. Gothic art is the concept that gave the black and white scary comics a definite shape with the characters scribbled into exceptionally dangerous figures. The expressions drawn in this form of art are made so acutely dreadful, that readers are sure to get serious spasms of fear as they run through the pages.

But, the making of horror comic books are not as simple as it seems, what with most people thinking them to be a bound case of sheets of pages revealing frightening images. Each and every part, from the cover page to the last, require a proper presentation that bears the undercurrent of fear. Then, the writing part also has to be made equally fearsome for the readers to get a realistic feeling. While, the Gothic art illustrations create goosebumps all over the skin, the dialogues should be equally challenging to kick in the chickenhearted feeling. The horror comics also require a certain font style that needs to blend subtly with the murky mood.

The drawings and illustartions require an expert photoshop artist who is great at both the technical and artistic part. They should be able to sketch out the characters in Gothic art by correct usage of brush, paints and colors along with other technical editing. The color part plays a pivotal role in bringing out the dark side in a composition. So, basically, the horror comics artist should be adept with colors and should have extensive knowledge about what each shade represents. They should also know how to blend two hues to create a deep shade that reflects something sinister and evil.

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With the motif of abhorrance recurrent and active throughout the book, the artist requires to etch that out aptly through the Gothic art. However, if the book is a black and white one, then the color part gets eliminated, which leaves behind an even greater challenge to face. Black and white horror comics are illustrated with paintings that are painted strictly with pencil and black ink. Now, this is all the more tough as you will not be able to create the effects of blood shed by simply spilling and overusing the color red. Furthermore, the detailing has to be done with precision so as to give the pictures a real look. Readers, should not be equivocal as to what the dark shades of pencil sketch points to.