The Tale Of Putting Your Wedding On Film To Secure Those Memories Of The Big Day Evermore.

One of the most significant and joyest days of your life is going to be the day that you get wedded and so it is possible that you are going to want to keep a record of it in the best achievable ways. So together with a set of professionally taken photographs, you are also likely to want to have a video, or these days a DVD, of the event. And for this a professional videographer is the greatest way of ensuring a quality result.

Filming weddings is nothing new. For a long time the rich and famous have had their big days recorded on film for distribution throughout the world’s news reels. As home cine cameras became in style, a friend or a relative would record the day’s events for prosterity using unwieldy picture only cameras, which would make a low quality film that was displayed on the cine screen to the clatter of the projector. If any editing was performed, it was a complex and manual process of cautiously cutting between image frames and sticking them back together again in order.

But even with the low quality of the final product, the lack of sound and the amateur’s ungainliness of getting in the way and not knowing the best ways to set up shots, they were very admired. Looking back on old wedding films with favourite traditional music added to them can still bring back the tears to many. They were by no means intended as a alternate to the traditional wedding photographs. Filming weddings is intended as a supplement. An supplementary way of recalling the joys of the day.

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During the mid of the 1990s the digital camera came along and took the professional videographer from the days of 8mm tape into the digitial age. The cameras became smaller and more subtle and the professional was able to disappear out of the way at an occasion rather than being in the way all of the time.

With the improvement in home computers and digital editing suits becoming available that enabled the meticulous editing and re-editing of every frame of the video, together with retouching of frames, addition of special effects to scenes and straightforward addition of music background tracks, the whole procedure of creating a professional wedding video has enhanced drastically. No longer is a film of the wedding day the preserve of the rich and famous, an superb recording of the day is something that every couple can pay for.

You may speculate whether you could use all of these advanced methods yourself to fabricate a pleasing wedding video of your big day. You might even make an effort to record some of it on your mobile phone. But one component of the process has not moved on from the days of celluloid. That is that an amateur recording remains just that. Unless you have the professional know-how and long standing familiarity of setting up the right shots, the finished product just won’t quite have the effect that a professional wedding video will have.