Virtual Interactive Art Galleries

The Saatchi Gallery is a worldwide interactive art forum that is one of the world?s most popular websites and finds over sixty million visitors on any given day. This London-based gallery has opened doors to contemporary global artworks by providing a medium of expression for emerging artists from around the world whose work may otherwise have never been displayed in the United Kingdom.

As a virtual art gallery and medium of communication for art professionals and enthusiasts, the Saatchi Gallery is also a valuable source of information for upcoming exhibitions, art fairs and other events. The basis of the online interactive forum is the twenty-year-old gallery in London that has provided a vast array of art exhibitions for art enthusiasts over the last two decades. With the move to a new and improved 50,000 square foot premises in summer 2008, the Gallery is expected to raise its already unprecedented success to an even higher level. The new location will include space for a bookstore, a coffee shop, and also educational provisions for students.

One of the aspects of Saatchi Gallery that sets it apart from others is its egalitarian approach, which encourages visits by students from over a thousand art schools every year, and is at the same time accorded respect by experts and connoisseurs, attracting a crowd of over six hundred thousand visitors a year. Also commendable are its efforts to involve technology in the process of art preservation and appreciation, and its patronizing of art fairs showcasing new as well as established talent. With something for every age and interest group, the Saatchi Gallery has demonstrated that its future efforts can only be as wildly successful as its past ones, if not more.

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