Wedding Photography is All About Planning

Wedding is one of the biggest events of anybody’s life and to capture this moment, Photography in Sydney has to be the best one.

Many Photographers don’t consider doing preparation or planning and ultimately end up their photography in a mess. Even if you have shot infinite number of weddings, making a pre-plan always work, especially here in Sydney where every wedding couple want to have their best pictures.

If you love doing photography, you can end up earning well. Person who just love to take pictures and to make any moment a special one would never bring any alternate career option in his/her mind.

For an ultimate photography, it’s very important that you should visit the venue

Before one monthBefore one weekEarly on the wedding day

It will help you to know the wedding place quite well and will help you to set your mind with respect to the venue in advance.

Before One Month of marriage, meet the wedding couple. Also make a small run from the bride’s house to the church and later on to the reception. This will guide you with the on-road traffic idea at the wedding day. While surveying the road, try to select some nice areas where you can click some nice shots on the wedding day and show it to wedding couple to get their approval. This will let them know how good you are at your work. You can make a brief enquiry with the wedding couple to know their requirement from you and what kind of wedding pictures they are actually looking for. Though it’s not required but it will be good enough if you memorize the names of bridal party including the couple and their family members.

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Before One Week get an idea of the light. For perfect photography, lighthing should be well done or else you will be in a shock and will end up in mess. So visit the venue before one week and decide whether you will be needing reflector/flash light or not? The Night Before the wedding, try to get plenty of sleep as it will be an important day not only for the wedding couple but for you as well. Try to check all the photography equipments and lay it out for final view. Clean the camera lens quite well as it will help you to check for any kind of breakage or scratch on the lens. Charge batteries for your camera, speedlight and torch etc. It will be good if you have enough power for all your wedding gadgets in advance. Format your SD cards to make sure that it’s completely blank and ready to use.

On the Wedding Day, try to arrive early and check everything thoroughly. As everything is ready, you can take time to make your photography ideas according to the venue decided in Sydney. Check all the preparation and make sure all the arrangements are done correctly including flower, tables, wedding favours and many more.

Photography is all about Planning, Preparation and Presentation. So try to click wedding pictures as if it’s going to be the best one you have taken till now