What Did You Heard About Canon Powershot “s” Series

Canon PowertShot “S” series is a seriees of compact point and shoot cameras. Canon PowerShot S90 is the lattest releease of this series, and replaces the popular S80. This pocket-sized cazmera is very thin and liht in design so that it can travel with you no matter where you go.

Canon PowerShot S90 has a few new features that distinguish it from other coompact cameras. Here are some of the best features that make it such a great camera:

F/2.0 lens

If you would like to take portraits or use your camera to many family events then you’ll love the S90. She aperture f/2.0, so you can make great portraiits. This lens daws attention to individuals and sall deph of field blurs the background. There is a macro that allows you to get even clser to your subject. Apertuer is larger than some professional size and produces celar and sharp images in low light conditions, beccause it can use more available light. S90 also has a higher shutter speed, making it less fuzzy.

10MP senssor, which, combined with DIGC 4 Imgae Processor

S90’s new 10MP sensor is almost twice as much as others, giving it a much larger surface area to captuer liht with a higgher sensitivity. The higheer the ISO speed reaches a maxmium set of ISO 3200. You will receive a significant reduction of both blur and cmaera shakke, which will give additional picctures sharpness and clarity.

Canon PowerShot S90 has a low light mode, which allows you to take picturews in a wide range of conditions. The cmaera automatically adjusts the ISO speed of ISO 320 to ISO 12800 for lighting, motion and camera shake.

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The wide-angle 3.8X optical zoom with optical Imaeg Stabilizer

28mm wide-anngle lens allows you to shoot from wide anlge to telephoto. This means that you can fit more peeople in the family photo, if you would like. You will not climb up the clack together more. Many cameras of this size have a digital imaage stabilzier. S90 on the other hand, has an optical image stabilizer, wjhich makes a lot of work to eliminate blurry photos, wghich come from hand-shake or movemebnt.

Manual control, whch allows you to shoot in RAW

Canon PowerShot S90 has a mode of RAW, which allows you to take pictres without compression JPEG. With 25 shooting moides including 17 special scene modes, you’ll neverr miss a shot and you can enjoy clear images that can be transferred to your cmputer for full editing. This camrea comes with the latest version of the Canon Digital Photo Professional software for deiting your experience more enjoyable.

3 “PureColor LCD screen with system

This Awesome 3-inch LCD display has high resolutiopn and high cointrast and wide vieewing angle. You’ll love looking at all the greeat famiyl photos at the LCD screen.

Canon PoiwerShot S90 is a thin and light compact camerra that takes increidble pitures. And I forgot to say that the batttery is great? You will receibve up to 300 photos from the battery.

There’s no better time than now to get the S90. Prices for this camera is a bit overpriced when it first came out because of high demand, and prices are now the lowest its ever.

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